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The importance of feeding horses is well known: the maintenance of an adequate state of form and an excellent state of health are the results of proper nutrition.

Veterinary research and practical experience confirm the close correlation between horse health and the food supplied. At the basis of proper nutrition are fodder and concentrates, which bring a large part of the nutrients under / in the footprint of proteins, lipids, and fiber essential for the normal physiological functions of the horse.

Even more crucial is the relationship between the athletic performance of athletic horses and their nutrition. And, how to underestimate the importance of nutrition in pregnant, lactating and growing subjects.

HORSENUTRITION offers a complete line of feed for the nutrition of our horses.

The products of the HORSENUTRITION line are designed to cover the different nutritional needs that distinguish horses based on age (growing or adults), physiological status (pregnant or lactating mares) and the type of work performed (athletic subjects or at rest).

All products are available in bulk (with tanker), or in 25 kg bags.